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Miha Matevzic

Originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Miha has over 15 years of professional dance experience. He decided to move his career to London, England in 2010, where he worked with artists such as Rihanna & Mariah Carey, and also performed in the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

In March 2014, Miha moved to Toronto, and has danced on the Much Music Video Awards, Junos, Breakin’ Convention ... In 2016, Miha was a company member of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks – a jazz dance company based in Calgary, Alberta. He has been working with Holla Jazz since 2016, a vernacular jazz dance company based in Toronto, under the artistic direction of Natasha Powell. For their first full length show FLOOR’D, they were awarded the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble In the Dance Division.

He is currently a Contract Lecturer at Toronto Metropolitan University, where he teaches Street Styles / Vernacular Jazz and Western Dance Styles.

Club Jazz classes explore the movements and movement concepts such as bouncing, rocking, grooving, isolations, polyrhythms, polycentrism, pausing, and improvisation. We will also be exploring the lineage and connections between different dance forms and trace the movements and their paths from vernacular jazz to house and hip-hop dance.

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