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50% of registration fees are due by January 8, 2024. Remaining balance must be paid by March 1, 2024. Only studio cheques or money orders payable to KARV Dance Challenge will be accepted.  Any entries and payments submitted after the final entry deadline are subject to a 10 per cent late fee of the total registration fee for the event. A $40.00 service charge will be applied for any NSF cheques. No refunds will be granted for ANY reason, including medical conditions. Should KARV Dance Challenge be forced to cancel or postpone an event due to a provincial government "lockdown" (with "lockdown" restrictions specifically preventing KARV from proceeding with an in-person event), refunds will be given to any new registrations (individual or group) for the 2024 season. No refunds will be given to clients who have existing credits.

KARV Dance Challenge reserves the right to add/or subtract an additional day to the stated 2024 tour dates if deemed necessary. KARV maintains the right to change the dates, venues or format of future dance challenge events. 

Until full payment for all entry fees is received, you are not entered into the competition and will not receive a tentative or final schedule. 

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