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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations 

​It is the responsibility of the studio to uphold all rules and regulations stated below. Failure to comply could result in deductions to your final mark and/or disqualification. Please read through each menu item carefully.


1. KARV Dance Challenge reserves the right to add/or subtract an additional day to the stated 2023 tour dates if deemed necessary. KARV maintains the right to change the dates, venues or format of future dance challenge events.

2. KARV Dance Challenge reserves the right to cancel any competition.


3. Space is limited and studios are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

4. Any changes made to entries after the FINALIZED SCHEDULE has been sent out is subject to a $10.00 fee per change. 


1. Music must be submitted via DanceBUG and uploaded by the deadline provided.

2. Music Files must be in M4A or MP3 format. 

3. All back up music can be submitted on a USB.  Each file must be clearly labeled with the routine title and studio name


1.  A dancer may not compete against him or herself in any category/dance style. (Ie: If a performer has two Lyrical Solo's they may only compete with the second routine in the next age division up).

2.  A soloist may only place once in the overall awards.


3.  Dancers must check in back stage at least five numbers prior to his/her scheduled performance.


4.  A routine will only be considered a quick change if there are less than five numbers between performances.

5. Please notify the stage manager of any holds needed. 


6.  In the event that a dancer exits the stage prematurely; Pre-Competitive, Novice and Mini dancers will be offered the chance to re-dance their routine. These dancers will still receive an award according to their score, but they will not be eligible for overalls.  Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult dancers who choose to re-dance their routine will not be eligible for placement in their category or overalls and can re-dance for adjudicators’ comments only.  All dancers with technical difficulties* can re-dance with no penalties (*please note this decision is at the discretion of the artistic director).

7.  Studio directors, teachers, parents and professional dancers may only compete in the adult category.

8.  Karv Dance Challenge reserves the right to run its schedule up to one hour earlier than the scheduled performance time.

9.  Please note: In order to keep KARV events running on time it is essential that all routine conflicts and changes be made BEFORE the final schedule is released.

10.  Photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited during all performances; however this is welcomed during the awards ceremonies.

11.  Karv Dance Challenge is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items during the competition.


12.  All marks and overall/special awards at each adjudication session are final.  All ties will be broken at the discretion of the judging panel.

13. All entries will perform in the order they are scheduled. If for any reason a routine must perform out of order, it must be approved by a KARV director and it must be performed before the end of the session. If this is not done, the dancer will only receive a score and not be eligible for placement or overalls.


14.  Adjudicators are not to be approached by event attendees, parents, dancers, teachers or studio directors.

15. Judges score sheets will be e-mailed to the studio director upon the completion of the competition.

16. All judging critiques will be provided in video format.

17. All cash awards will be awarded to the studio director. Winnings will be sent via e-transfer or cheque.



  1. All entries with the use of props must be declared to KARV Dance Challenge prior to scheduling

  2. Props for entries may only be placed backstage prior to the upcoming scheduled dance session.

  3. Maximum prop height: 10’

 A tentative performance schedule will be sent out to all studios via email to confirm all entries are correct. A final schedule will follow shortly after with all the necessary adjustments from the tentative schedule.


Until full payment for all entry fees is received, you are not entered into the competition and will not receive a tentative or final schedule.​

Routines may be penalized if they:

  • exceed specified time limits.

  • display movement, music or costuming that is inappropriate for a family show.

  • do not abide by the dance style description.


The following are not permitted:

  • Use of fire, sand or water

  • Sparkles and/or feathers that are left on the stage.


*Disqualification will only occur at the discretion of the competition director.

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